Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Cabinet go-ahead for non-Qatari ownership & use of real estate

The Cabinet has approved a draft resolution of the Council of Ministers determining the areas and places in which non-Qataris are allowed to own and use real estate.
The resolution is part of implementation of Law No. (16) of 2018 on the regulation of non-Qatari ownership and use of real estate.
The decision allows the ownership of real estate for non-Qatari individuals and non-Qatari commercial companies and real estate investment funds.
The Cabinet agreed to designate 10 areas in which non-Qataris can own real estate and to determine 16 areas for non-Qatari use of real estate for 99 years.
The Cabinet also agreed to grant residence to non-Qatari owners of real estate for the purpose of housing or investment throughout the period of ownership of real estate. It agreed to allow non-Qatari ownership of residential villas within residential complexes and to allow non-Qatari ownership of shops within commercial complexes.
A press conference will be held next week to explain the details in this regard.
The Cabinet meeting was chaired by Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al Thani.

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