Sunday, May 26, 2019
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‘We understand the power & potential of technological innovation and disruption’

‘We understand the power 
& potential of technological innovation and disruption’

It often feels like the world is moving faster and faster. New trends emerge overnight. Thanks to smart devices that grow ever more sophisticated and advanced, each of us has the potential to be connected all of the time, to everything around us. Connectivity increasingly brings us closer to the people and things that matter most.
Also, disruption caused by technology is speeding up and can at times seem unsettling. It pushes business leaders and executives outside of their comfort zone, however this disruption cannot be ignored. In a sense, every business now needs to transform into a digital business – or else, prospects for growth and market leadership are limited. One doesn’t need to search too hard, to find examples of once dominant businesses that failed to anticipate and respond to technological disruption taking place in their industries, right before their very eyes.
However, digital technologies also bring new opportunities into focus. They enable companies to be forward-thinking and more ambitious, to transform and succeed. And in a world that is moving faster and becoming more connected, organisations must rethink their business models to capitalise on this transformation.
At Vodafone, we intimately understand the power and potential of technological innovation and disruption. Our business exists to help connect the ideas of today with the technologies of tomorrow. We enable pioneers and innovators to reimagine a better future, channeling the disruption of industries into a power for growth and sustainability.
That’s because innovation is in our DNA. It runs through all that we do. Much more than mobile, we help businesses focus on their future, adopt new ways of creating products and services for their customers, inspire and empower their employees and realise new business outcomes through the application of digital communication technologies – today, tomorrow and into the future.
We help businesses of all sizes embrace change and improve their operations. One of the most visible and significant ways that we do so, is by bringing together many of Qatar’s most established and successful entities to share technologies and innovations that are creating waves in a wide range of industries and markets.
In just three years since we launched our annual Innovation Day event, this unique platform now provides the ideal showcase to demonstrate a multitude of opportunities for embracing the future with optimism.
Last year, we introduced to Qatar a range of exciting new technologies, building up a picture of how they are helping to unlock a world of possibilities. From smart agriculture solutions to virtual and augmented education – Innovation Day 2018 proved to be a huge success. This year, the event is set to be even more exciting and is further proof of how Vodafone is moving the country towards being one of the most digitally connected and smart countries in the world.
Our business has long been at the forefront of digital transformation. And we’re determined to keep pushing the boundaries, accelerating Qatar’s progress and helping growing numbers of businesses to automate, optimise and innovate. The future is exciting, and we’re committed to be there every step of the way.


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