Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Eurosceptic MP warns May over participation in EU polls

A leading eurosceptic lawmaker in Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives warned on Sunday that many local party groups could boycott elections to the European Parliament if Britain is forced to hold them.
“It’s all about whether the Conservatives have delivered on their ability to leave the European Union, and we really have to get out and we simply cannot fight the Euro elections,” Iain Duncan Smith, a former party chairman, told broadcaster Sky News.
“I gather dozens of Conservative association members have now written a letter to the prime minister saying they are not prepared to fight Euro elections,” Duncan Smith said. “It would be an utter disaster for us.” “What are you going to say on the doorstep, ‘vote for me and I’ll be gone in three months’? It doesn’t make any sense,” he added.
May secured a second, last-minute delay to Brexit last week, with EU leaders giving her until October 31 to take Britain out of the bloc.
As a condition for the extension, EU leaders insisted that Britain must take part in European Parliament elections in late May, if it is still in the bloc by then.

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