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Include terrorism and blockade as crimes against humanity in Rome Statute: Marri

Include terrorism and blockade as crimes 
against humanity in Rome Statute: Marri

CHAIRMAN of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Dr Ali bin Smaikh al Marri has called upon states to include terrorism and blockade as crimes against humanity in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court of the year 1998, by amending the article 121 of its statute.
In his speech at the opening of the ‘International Conference on National, Regional and International Mechanisms to Combat Impunity and Ensure Accountability under International Law’ at the Ritz Carlton on Sunday, Marri stressed that the primacy of political and economic interests has become a stumbling block to the rule of law, the preservation of rights and freedoms. He said that totalitarian regimes cannot build democracy or guarantee respect for rights. He highlighted the international community’s responsibility to uphold the principles of justice in the context of the humanitarian and moral imperative and joint responsibility to address crimes that violate human rights. He noted that this can only be realised through fostering national, regional and international criminal justice mechanisms.
Marri also called for the establishment of an international observatory on prevention, accountability and impunity with the aim to conduct studies, offer advice, support intergovernmental & non-governmental organisations and support countries in developing legislation and mechanisms. He proposed that the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the European Parliament be permanent and key members in this mechanism.
He also called on the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to establish a working group to submit an assessment report on national, regional and international mechanisms to combat impunity to the competent entities of the United Nations system for the purpose of developing legislation and mechanisms in this regard. He also urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to appoint a special rapporteur on combating impunity.
Marri stressed that the NHRC of Qatar will spare no effort to continue to introduce further initiatives to support the human rights process not only in the State of Qatar, but also at the regional and international levels.


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