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CIHT discusses techniques of pavement construction in Qatar

CIHT discusses techniques of pavement construction in Qatar

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THE Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) Qatar Group recently organised a technical seminar on ‘Innovative Testing and Monitoring Techniques in Pavement Construction and Geotechnical Investigations in Qatar’ for highways and transportation professionals.
Dr Pejman Dehdezi, senior pavement specialist and Eng Anna Villamor, geotechnical engineering manager from Fugro Qatar, were the guest speakers.
In the first session, Dr Pejman Dehdezi discussed road pavement testing equipment built with advanced technologies that are new in road pavement testing sector in Qatar. The equipment include Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Light Weight Deflectomete (LWD), Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD), Automated Road Analyser (ARAN), and other advanced laboratory equipment for asphalt mix design.
For example, one of the innovative testing systems, GPR, uses high frequency radio signal that measures various parameters of pavement properties very quickly and with high-level of accuracy. Unlike nuclear density gauges or radioactive alternatives, these innovative testing systems do not have any site hazards or requiring to close off work areas.
Pejman provided an example of the Al Khor Expressway where the 25km of non-stop wearing course paving completed by Tekfen is in the process of being submitted for a Guinness World Records.
In the second session of the seminar, Eng Anna Villamor described the innovative testing and monitoring systems of geotechnical investigations. She presented some key challenges encountered by professionals in the field and how these can be overcome by using the latest systems. For example,
Measurement Whilst Drilling (MWD) with wireline logging system accelerates the schedule, provides more data and a more accurate presentation of the ground compared to the conventional coring system. This technique is used to distinguish changes in rock formations, determine strength parameters and identify fractures, weak zones and cavities.
In general, the speakers convey the message that Fugro’s innovative testing and monitoring techniques will accelerate project schedule by saving money and time and achieving more reliable data for various design and construction uses.
The presentation was well received by the audience, with a detailed question and answer session following the main presentation. The seminar comes as part of CIHT Qatar Group’s events. The group thanked their sponsors AECOM, BG&E, DCE, Egis, Fugro, Muhel, PAF, Salfo, Seero and WSP for their contribution to the event.


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