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Qatar Charity raises QR25 mn to help refugees worldwide

Qatar Charity raises QR25 mn to help refugees worldwide

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The ‘For Humanity’ initiative launched by Qatar Charity (QC) in cooperation with UNHCR to provide aid to more than 300,000 refugees from Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh witnessed an overwhelming response from the people in Qatar through the Al Rayyan TV and Al Quran Al Kareem Radio, raising QR24.75mn within two hours.
The ‘For Humanity (4H)’ is the largest humanitarian relief initiative to provide emergency assistance to vulnerable refugees across the globe, and ensure they are safe, healthy and well fed.
The ‘4H’ initiative seeks to provide a leading model for global emergency support, consultation and joint action to enhance humanitarian response and field cooperation between the two parties.
Mohammed Ali al Ghamdi, assistant to Qatar Charity’s CEO in the Governance and Institutional Development Sector, thanked Qataris and residents for their response to the campaign and their generous donations.
This interaction confirms that Qatar and the people in country have always been proactive in standing by the afflicted, displaced and refugees around the world to improve their living conditions, Ghamdi said, thanking the Qatari media, social media influencers and social activists for their support.
The opportunity to donate to the initiative will be available soon.
The live TV broadcast of the campaign hosted Ghamdi, Khaled Khalifa, UNHCR’s regional representative to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries; Sheikh Saud al Hajri, Iman al Kaabi, a media figure, Captain Adel Lamy, former Qatari footballer, and Sheikha al Muftah, a social activist and a member of Qatar Charity women’s team.
Ghamdi highlighted the development of cooperative relations between Qatar Charity and the UNHCR for over 18 years, which started in 2002, pointing out that the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with UNHCR in 2017 was a qualitative leap in the relations between the two sides.
“This agreement enables the two sides to develop strategies, plans and joint initiatives for a period of five years. This cooperation has resulted in the opening of a coordination office of UNHCR in Qatar,” Ghamdi said, stressing that the ‘For Humanity’ initiative is an outcome of the cooperation between Qatar Charity and the refugee agency during 2018.
Speaking at the launching of the campaign of the initiative, Khalifa said, “It aims at helping 300,000 refugees from Yemen, Syria, Somalia and Iraq, in addition to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.”
There are more than one million Rohingya refugees living in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, where the host community basically needs help as it suffers from considerable economic problems, Khalifa said, urging benefactors in Qatar to contribute to the campaign, especially as it coincides with the last ten days of Ramadan.
The campaign seeks to provide food, medical and emergency shelter assistance to the targeted refugees.


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