Friday, July 19, 2019
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Marri calls for rights bodies’ protection

Marri calls for rights bodies’ protection

CHAIRMAN of National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Dr Ali bin Smaikh al Marri has called for protection of national institutions and their employees from pressures such as cutting of financial budgets, interfering in their affairs and neutrality, and restricting their work, according to the UN General Assembly resolution.
Marri made the remarks at the opening of the three-day training workshop in Rabat organised by the Arab Network for National Human Rights Institutions (ANNHRI), headquartered in Doha, in cooperation with Morocco’s National Human Rights Council on the accreditation of national institutions with the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI).
He reiterated the need for national institutions, their members and staff to be guarded against retaliation or intimidation, including political pressure, physical intimidation, harassment or undue budgetary constraints, as a result of their activities in accordance with their respective mandates.
As president and secretary-general of GANHRI, Dr Marri stressed the need for the participants to ensure that the activities of their institutions are proceeding as planned and that the accreditation process of the GANHRI is examined effectively and carefully.
He reiterated the importance of national human rights institutions obtaining a certificate of accreditation which is a recognition of their credibility and an opportunity to expand their participation in international and regional forums.
He pointed out that what is more important than the accreditation itself is the process of submitting the documents to the accreditation committee which helps assess the institution’s compliance with the Paris Principles.
This workshop comes within the framework of increasing international, regional and national attention to establishing national human rights institutions in accordance with the Paris Principles.
The training workshop aims to enable national human rights institutions to adopt an effective methodology in the accreditation process and to provide them with relevant information that allows them to correctly submit their files to the subcommittee on accreditation.
National human rights institutions in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Sudan, Qatar, Bahrain, Mauritania and Morocco are participating in the workshop.


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